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Leather is sexy.  Leather is edgy.  Distorted Cult takes leather to another level. The Distorted Cult Leather Moto Biker Jacket is one of a kind.  No two biker jackets are designed or adorned exactly alike.  Spikes, studs, patches, and more set your designer art piece apart from all others. Designed by Moonshyne Brown.


Please allow 14-21 business days for delivery of customized garment.   

Distorted Cult Designer Biker Glam Jacket

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 100% genuine leather.  Choose silver or gold accents & embellishments preference for your jacket.  Patches and other adornments are added to complete the look.  Designed by Moonshyne Brown.

    Jacket is available in (F)- Female or (M)- Male styles.  

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