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The Love Aquatic Limited Edition T-Shirt is the perfect complement to the psychedelic acid jazz single "Love Aquatic" by The Fabulous Moonshyne Brown ft Melton Mustafa, Jr.  


Purchase the Limited Edition T-Shirt and download the single for free!  Once you purchase your T-Shirt, you will be instructed how to download the single!


A Message from the Artist:


As a mission to ensure the proper appreciation and support is given to the creators of the work, we are only streaming the music and selling these exclusive fashion pieces on the Distorted Cult website.  Instead of receiving one dollar for every 300-1,000 streams (depending on platform), I want to control our worth as artists by exclusively selling in our own marketplace. We are combining Music, Art, & Fashion in a new and visionary way. We encourage you to buy any piece from “The Love Aquatic” Collectors’ Line and enjoy the music download for FREE! Think of it as buying a t-shirt and getting the soundtrack to it free! Thank you for your support in advance!


Moonshyne Brown

The Love Aquatic Limited Edition Tee

Excluding Sales Tax
Love Aquatic Tee
  • This soft, durable t-shirt is:

    100% pre-shrunken cotton t-shirt.

    Handwash or delicate machine wash, air-dry.

    Do not use dryer.

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